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Wire Pointers for the Fastener Industry

Wire Pull Pointer Assemblies are supplied as standard equipment on our Models 200 through 910 of fastener wire drawers. It is always necessary to provide a pointed end when setting up a wire drawing machine. Although butt-welding a slightly smaller wire to the head end of the wire to be drawn represents one common method of providing the pointed end, under some circumstances, it is more practical to use a pointer. This technique “necks down” a section of the parent wire and permits it to be inserted through the drawing die for initial setup.

OLPP-10 Off-Line Fastener Wire Pull Pointer

Features include:

  • Bench-top design that can also be mounted on a wheeled cart to service several units
  • Uses existing RA pull point tooling
  • Available in single and three-phase construction
  • Can be used without interrupting production
  • Auto polarity correction
  • For detailed information on Pull Pointers operation, click here for PDF.

HPP-100 and HPP-1750 Hydraulic Fastener Wire Push Pointers

Features include:

  • No tools required to change the grips, die and guide
  • Manual valves (joysticks) provide accurate and smooth control
  • Wheels attached for portability
  • Can be used without interrupting production
  • Auto polarity correction

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