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RMG Integrated Multi-Roll Wire Straighteners:

RMG’s unique design, The Integrator®, provides users with the following benefits and advantages:

  • The ability to control the wire’s straightness with a single-knob or single-screw adjustment.
  • The ability to accommodate a very wide range of wire diameters by being able to mount many different rolls, on various center distances on a single assembly.
  • Complete line from 0.030”(0.8mm) to 1.75” (45 mm).
  • Modular construction. Most RMG Integrated Wire Straighteners can be changed in the customer’s plant from left-to-right or right-to-left wire flow, and for either horizontal or vertical uncoiling. Complete assemblies can be furnished using a different number of rolls in each plane.
  • Many unique construction features, including universal X-Y-Z axis adjustment, sealed double-row ball bearing construction, and carbide entrance guide bushings.
  • Use with either power-driven feed rolls or power-driven uncoilers. RMG custom-designed adjustable speed drives can be used to automate and provide controlled, power-driven feeding systems for certain types of feeding, straightening and cutting systems.

Typical Model Designation

Typical Model Design

Seven basic frames accommodate all RMG Integrated Wire Assemblies. These frames fall into three separate categories:

Model SS and MS Straighteners

Model SS-0407-02 Straightener

Model SS-0407-02 Straightener

The most universal assemblies for easy conversion from one diameter range to another. One has only to unscrew one set of rolls and screw in another set to convert it from one diameter range to another. All Model SS and MS mounting frames include pre-tapped holes for roll changing at any time in the future.

Model LS, KS and JS Straighteners

These models are converted from one range to another by replacing entire sub-assemblies referred to as “rails,” on which the individual rolls are mounted. The bending loads imposed on the shafts by relatively larger wire and rod diameters preclude the use of screw-in mounts.

Model HS and GS Straighteners.

Model KS-1605 Straightener

Model KS-1605 Straightener

This type of straightener cannot incorporate easily-removable rolls and mounting shafts or studs. This includes any type of straightener on which a centralized grease lubrication system is specified.

Power-Driven Feed Rolls

Power-driven feed roll assemblies can be ordered for all Model LS and larger straightener assemblies. These are usually powered by a 5 HP adjustable speed drive, but many optional drive arrangements are available with custom-designed trans-mission assemblies.

Power-Driven Uncoiler Combinations

RMG’s power-driven uncoilers are used for rod and wire diameters in a range of .625” - 1.75” (16 - 45 mm). Type KS and larger straightener assemblies can be easily adapted to these power-driven uncoilers.

Optional Accessories

We provide a number of standard optional accessories and mounting arrangements with RMG integrated wire and rod straighteners:

  • Heavy-duty frames for mounting Model SS and larger straighteners. These are typically supplied when ever RMG power-driven feed rolls are required.
  • Fixed-speed or adjustable-speed drives for power-driven feed rolls.
  • Entrance roller guides and end-of-coil detection switches.
  • Straightener benches are available to support all sizes.

Special HS and GS Straighteners

RMG Model 2428 Uncoiler equipped with HS Straightener

These two large series of integrated wire and rod straighteners are available in only two model arrangements:

Model HS-3005 for wire and rod diameters in a range of .700” (17.8mm) to 1.30” (33.0mm)

Model GS-4005 for handling wire and rod diameters in a range of 1.00” (25.4mm) to 1.75” (44.5mm). Because of the extreme difficulty in handling, pre-straightening and pre-feeding, an RMG Power Driven Uncoiler is almost always recommended for use with these larger straighteners.

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