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RMG Recoilers

RMG offers Three recoiler models, the REC375, REC625 and REC750, for our customers who want to realize the numerous benefits of drawing and recoiling small quantities of wire at their site without a great investment in specialized equipment.

RMG Model 625 Recoiler

An integrated drawing line consisting of an RMG inline capstan drawer, a payoff device (turntable) and a powered recoiler lets any manufacturer produce exactly the size and quantity of the wire they need for production, thereby reducing coil inventory, eliminating waste and achieving greater production flexibility. Most of the additional quality benefits of in line wire drawing; better dimensional control, improved surface finish, greater coil-to-coil diameter consistency, etc. are also realized when using an inline drawer/recoiler line.

RMG Model 750 Recoiler

RMG recoilers are designed to create coils with weights from hundreds of pounds (kilograms) to 4000 pounds (8800kgs) so the operator can produce exactly the amount of calibrated wire needed for a small production run, or size and calibrate an entire coil. No more must they buy several full coils of different diameters only to produce a few hundred pounds of each size product.

Using information on your materials, sizes and production runs, we can help you calculate the significant savings in inventory and handling that you can achieve by drawing and recoiling.

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