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Push Pointing and Pull Pointing Wire

Rockford Manufacturing Group provides the best solutions for all of your off line push pointing or pull pointing needs. Our wire pointers, electrically and hydraulic powered, cover a wire range of .020” (0.5mm) to 1.750” (45.0mm) diameter and are proven to increase production up-time.

Advantages of pointing off-line:
  • Set-up reduction
  • Reduced pointer tooling inventory
  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Portability

Pull Pointer OLPP-10

OLPP-10 Pull Pointer The RMG Off-Line Pull Pointer uses the same pointing tooling as our in-line wire drawers and can be mounted to a bench or a service cart for use in multiple work centers.

OLPP-10 Pull Pointer

Features and Benefits:
  • Bench top design which can also be mounted on a wheeled cart to service several units.
  • Uses existing RA pull point tooling.
  • Available in single and three phase construction.
  • Can be used without interrupting production.
  • Auto polarity correction.
Maximum pull force 10,000lbs. (4533kg)
Maximum wire diameter 0.625” (16.0mm)
Minimum wire diameter 0.020” (0.5mm)
Cycle Time Less than 1 minute
Overall dimensions 27 x 37" (686 x 940mm)

Hydraulic Push Pointer HPP-100 and HPP-1750

The cart mounted HPP-100 and HPP-1750 hydraulic push pointers are perfect for pointing larger diameter wire off-line and sharing among numerous production lines.

HPP-100 Hdraulic Push Pointer

The HPP-100 push pointer can also be mounted onto our 1216 and 2024 uncoilers.

HPP-100 Hydraulic Push Pointer Mounted On Uncoiler

Features and Benefits:
  • No tools required to change the grips, die and guide.
  • Manual valves (joy sticks) provide accurate and smooth control.
  • Wheels attached for portability.
  • Can be used without interrupting production.
  • Auto polarity correction.
  HPP-100 HPP-1750
Maximum push force 30, 000lbs. (13,600Kg) 75, 000lbs. (34,020Kg)
Maximum wire diameter 1.00" (25,4mm) 1.75" (44,5mm)
Minimum wire diameter 0..63" (15,9mm) 1.00" (25,4mm)
Overall dimensions (Will vary with wire line height) 52" L x 52" H x 30" W (1320mm x 1320mm x 760mm) 72" L x 67" H x 49" W (1829mm x 1702mm x 1245mm)
Shipping weight 1,550 lbs. (700 Kg) 4,140lbs. (1878Kg)
Cycle Time Approximately 1 minute Approximately 1 minute
Wire line height 43.5" (1105mm) 60.0" (1524 mm)
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