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Payoff Equipment

For over 40 years RMG and Fastener Engineers have designed and provided a wide variety of custom and standard Payoff Equipment. RMG currently produces four types of wire and rod payoff equipment; Turntables (both powered and passive), Flippers (Z and S), Overhead or Vertical Payoffs and powered horizontal Uncoilers.

Recently we have developed new methods of high-speed payoffs for use in front of our Straighten and Cut equipment. Our Vertical Payoff Stand – 4VPS16, for smaller diameter wire and Variable Frequency Drive – power assisted Turntables. A poor material payoff can greatly reduce the production rate of the Straightening and Cutting machine, which is why RMG continues developing new devices to solve some of these problems.

We have also developed the new "Automatch" Prefeeder Uncoiler for the delivery of large diameter wire and rod to production cold heading machines using speed control technology for consistent continuous feed. This improves blank length and volume control for today’s high precision cold heading machines by isolating the full inertia of the coil from the wire required for the stroke of the production machine. This technology is so innovative we have US and International Patents Pending.

Each payoff method has specific advantages and applications and your RMG Sales Representative or RMG Sales Engineer can assist you in selecting and sizing the proper payoff for your unique situation.

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Passive Turntable
Powered Turntable
Vertical Payoff

Passive Turntables

Passive TurnTable

RMG turntables are offered in two different capacities to match your wire and rod specifications:

Standard-Duty Turntables: Typical coil weight capacities up to 4000 lbs. (1814 kg), standard plate diameters of 30” (762 mm), 40” (1016mm) and 50” (1270 mm), and with many optional arrangements.

Heavy-Duty Turntables:  Heavy-Duty turntables should be used whenever the use of very heavy coil weights (in excess of 4000 lbs./1814 kg) is anticipated, or there is a requirement for 60” (1524 mm) or 70” (1778 mm) plates, or whenever loose coil loading is required.

RMG turntables are equipped with the industry’s most rugged spindle and bearing assembly, with an exclusive gusseted design which resists overload damage. The tapered roller bearing assembly is accessible from above the top plate for inspection, servicing and adjustment without removing the top plate. Tubular Coil Loading Systems Turntables for tubular carriers (high hats) represent one of the most practical methods for paying-off wire and rod into wire drawing machines or directly into the cold header or other wire production machine. Two or four pneumatic brakes are available on most turntables.

Coils of wire or rod up to 6000lbs.(2721 kg) can often be accommodated due to the turntable’s very high weight capacity and low center of gravity. This permits longer, uninterrupted production runs often with significant improvement in operating efficiency.

Double TurnTable W/ Tanglegard and Pneumatic brakes

RMG can provide a wide variety of passive turntable configurations and features to meet your specific production requirements. These features include custom baskets sizes, multiple coil carriers and spiders (both fixed and adjustable), pneumatic brakes, Tanglegard sensors, elevated bases, dual rotating passive turntables (pictured), etc.  If you need it we can make it.  Contact your RMG Sales representative or a RMG Sales Engineers to assist you in sizing and selecting the proper turntable for your situation.

VF Powered Turntable

VF TurnTable

At RMG, we’ve designed these turntables to meet the demands for higher production speeds and larger coil weights, as well as to provide a simple, effective, easy to service turntable.

How the system works:An air adjustable tension dancer arm senses the demand of the production machine under all operating conditions. This arm position signals a variable frequency drive controller which changes the speed of the top plate. As the production machine decelerates and stops, the control arm automatically returns to the stop position. Using dynamic breaking the VF drive reduces the coil rpm. When the control arm reaches the stop position D/C injection braking is applied to bring the coil to a complete stop. This speed control system enables the unit to match the consumption rate of the production equipment greatly reducing load on the feeding system.

Vertical Payoff Stand

4VPS16 Vertical Payoff

This uncoiler is assembled vertically with a flyer and wire guides. The whole unit is mounted to the ground and carries the coil and coil crown. The flyer and wire guide guarantees a smooth working process with improved performance.

The RMG vertical Payoff Stand for small diameter wire 0.050"(1.25mm) to 0.188"(4.75mm) was designed to provide high performance wire payoff with no electrical power required, minimal floor space and extremely low maintenance. These low cost machines insure consistent payoff and are adaptable to a wide range of machines.



RMG Flippers are ideally suited for rod sizes up to 0.625" (16.0mm). Flipping is limited to applications involving the payoff of hot rolled rod into an in-line wire drawer. Since the coil is stationary and not rotating, the end of the active coil can be butt-welded to the beginning of the standby coil.

When the active coil is depleted, the operator rotates the flipper so that the standby-coil becomes the active coil, allowing continuous operation of the wire drawing machine and production machine.

Downtime due to coil changeover can be completely eliminated by using double-end coil stands or flippers. Flippers require more space than turntables but on certain higher speed applications, the advantage of being able to enjoy continuous parts production outweighs the floor space consideration.


Uncoiler with rotating base

RMG Power-driven uncoilers represent the best payoff method for uncoiling large diameter stock 0.50"(12.7mm) to 1.75" (45.0mm). Equipped with power-driven feed rolls and a straightener, these uncoilers pre-feed and prestraighten the stock, enabling the operator to get the end of large diameter material to the next operation at the push of a button. They also sense the coil condition and provide power to rotate the coil, when necessary, maintaining a smooth material flow.

Uncoilers are sized to your material and speed requirements and can be fitted with options; such as cut off saw, straighteners, turntables or moving bases, -etc to best function in your particular production environment.

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