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RMG is pleased to announce the release of the new LEWIS SYNCHRO/CUT series of straighten and cut machines.

These innovative machines address applications where tighter control of wire diameter and reduced work hardening of the straighten and cut product are paramount for the customer’s application.

Lewis Machine is well known for the “Travel-Cut” F Series machines, which have been supporting the wire industry since 1936. With over 850 machines built, these older mechanical marvels have a reputation of providing decades of robust, dependable service.

“RMG recognizes the time has come for the next generation of machines to serve this market. To address this challenge, we developed a novel moving shear machine by leveraging our years of experience with the Lewis Machine product line. The newest machine is called the 8TM SYNCHRO/CUT. The cutter is activated by a rotary cam that moves exactly with the wire speed so there is no wire feed stoppage during the cut cycle,” says Kirk Prosser, RMG’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “In addition to eliminating the swell spot during cutting, the 8TM will produce cleaner cuts and less wire marking while accurately controlling length of cut.”

The 8TM has a wire diameter capacity of .062” (1.6mm) to .315” (8.0mm). The maximum wire diameter .315” (8.0mm) is for a metal with 90,000 psi (600 N/mm2) tensile strength. With a wire tensile strength of 140,000 PSI (975 N/mm2), a .250” (6.35mm) wire can be cut successfully.

To date, RMG has produced three of these machines. Two are in operation at customer facilities and the third one is now in the RMG demonstration room. In addition RMG recently received an order for a fourth machine to produce 12 foot titanium bars.

Features and benefits of the Lewis 8TM SYNCHRO/CUT machine include:

• Continuous straightening action with moving cut – eliminates marking, hotspot or overworked sections in wire that may result with stationary cut machines
• Computer control with touch screen station
• Programmable Parts counter
• Arbor and Feed speed adjustments with digital feedback meters
• Programmable safety shut down timer, stops machine if a feeding problem restricts wire and reduces scrap
• Electronic Pneumatic Feed Head pressure adjustment, accurate and repeatable
• Micro fine length adjustments can be accomplished while in operation
• Lower temperature rise of straightened wire product
• Reduced wear, less material transfer and longer life of feed rolls
• Less sensitivity to feed roll clamping pressure and easier set up

Rockford Manufacturing Group will continue to develop the Lewis SYNCHRO/CUT line of machines to accommodate larger diameter wire, while maintaining the reliability of the LEWIS Travel-Cut machines that have served the wire industry for the past 80 years.

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Model 500 SpaceSaver

Faced with increased customer demand and limited floor space for manufacturing, one Rockford Manufacturing Group, Inc. (RMG) customer needed either to buy a new building, add on to the current facility or get creative in managing their existing production space. Earlier this fall, that same customer ordered over 25 RMG Model 500 Spacesaver in-line wire drawer units.

Model 500 SpaceSaver

By incorporating the use of the RMG Model 500 Spacesaver, this customer was able to generate enough additional room to support 15 new cold forming lines in their existing building. Kirk Prosser, VP Sales & Marketing at RMG, notes that “the patented RMG Spacesaver wire drawer has been a popular machine in Japan and Europe for over 20 years. With the increase in property taxes and construction costs in North America, the RMG Spacesaver is becoming a vital part of the solution to maximize the use of valuable production floor space.”

RMG will be producing this large Spacesaver order over the next several months. Please plan a visit to our manufacturing facility in South Beloit, Illinois, or come to see the RMG Model 500 Spacesaver in booth number 15F47 at wire 2018 in Düsseldorf, April 16-20.

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Model 56 SpaceSaver w/ Powered TurnTable Live Demo

Starting Nov 13th, 2017 see RMG Spacesaver Drawers In Demo Operation Supporting Nakashimada Headers at Loomis International.

Loomis International Ltd
1190 Anvil Drive, Machesney Park, IL, 61115

Open House

AIM Open House
Chicago November 6-9, 2017
502 S. Vista Avenue, Addison, IL 60101

RMG will have the MD10 Descaler, Model 67 Wire Drawer processing .218” diameter green rod into .197” finish wire directly into an AIM CNC Bender.


Lewis Machine 4SV8 and 9SV16 straighten and cut machines.

RMG engineering completed complete top to bottom technology updates of the venerable Lewis Machine 4SV8 and 9SV16 straighten and cut machines. These updates included electrical, safety and mechanical changes to increase the versatility, performance and durability of these workhorse machines. In addition to incorporating optional RMG style micro fine release assemblies, gas strut supported low profile guards, RMG spec’d pneumatic cylinders and non-defeat safety switches were integrated into the designs. Changes to the extensions, available from 4’ (1.22m) to 20’ (6.10m), allow for more convenient disassembly/assembly during shipment and relocation and provide for easier set-up and length adjustment. Also the modular extension design allows for uncomplicated in the field length retrofits, should the need occur.


With mild steel or alloy wire (up to 90ksi (620N/mm)) diameter capacities of .500” (12.7mm) and .560” (14.3mm) and feed head speeds of up to 400fpm (120mpm) the 4SV8 and 9SV16 respectively, these modern Lewis Machines efficiently produce straight and cut to length wire for many critical applications.

The modern versions of the 4SV8 and 9SV16 machines retain the patented, exclusive variable frequency AC drive Clutchless cutter and standard Lewis Machine tooling (feed rolls, straightening dies, cut-off knives and guides).

Please consult the RMG product catalogue or contact an RMG sales representative for more details and application assistance.


RMG Hosts Howard D. Coleman Engineering Intern

RMG participated in the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois Howard D. Coleman Scholarship program for STEM students. In 2014 RMG provided one of the four scholarship recipients with a full-time paid summer intern position in our Engineering and Design group. The candidate must meet strict requirements as listed on the CFNIL Coleman Scholarship web site.

Applicant must be an individual who is graduating high school senior, residing in Boone or Winnebago County, IL
Who will major in Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Science, or a comparable technology field and
Has a GPA of at least 3.5/4.0
Personifies the innovative spirit of Howard D. Colman

First year award is $2,500. Each year, one of four recipients from the prior year will be selected to have their award renewed for up to three additional years, as long as criteria are met. Total award over four years could be as much as $32,500. Recipients must be willing to accept full-time summer internship offers through the Community Foundation and return to the Rockford area upon graduation for at least three years.

Our engineering intern for 2014 was Peter Borowski, a graduate of Boylan High School in Rockford, IL. He was exposed to our many manufacturing processes; welding, NC milling and turning, electrical and mechanical assembly and acceptance testing, though full immersion rotation in work assignments during a portion of the summer. Peter spent about one week learning and working in each area. In the office Peter performed a wide variety of challenging engineering technical and mundane administrative tasks endearing him to the full time staff members for willingly doing things they abhor doing such as updating and converting innumerable 2D drawings into 3D formats. Peter also got to design and model some mechanical components for use in production machines, quickly learning how to manipulate the Autodesk software and models and gaining an appreciation for the entire RMG machine design and development process.

Peter has chosen to continue his engineering education at Bradley University.


Invites you to come and see the latest technology in machinery and tooling for the aerospace fastener industry at our open house

June 11th, 12th AND 13th
From 9:00 a.m. TO 5:00 p.m.
3030 South Oak Street, Santa Ana, Ca 92707

Exhibitors will include:
NATIONAL MACHINERY L.L.C.: The global leader in warm and cold forming equipment
ALLWAYS PRECISION, INC.: Will feature a fully operational 7- Axis Model #2 O.M. Cincinnati CNC Centerless Grinder with Fanuc six axis robot automation
MECTRON INSPECTION SYSTEMS: Will be exhibiting their newly designed Q5000 Flex machine along with the First Scan 15R non contact automatic precision measuring unit
L & M MACHINE MANUFACTURING: Will feature their Model 15 High Speed pointer, end drilling and broaching machine
RMG: Will have an OLPP10 (off-line wire pointer) under power and show their Inline Wire Drawer, Feeding and Uncoiling equipment
IMPACT GLOBAL MACHINERY: Will feature their automatic abrasive slicing machine with bar magazine, automatic feeder and touch panel
SMART: Will have a flat die thread roller with patented direct drive motor, auto set up system
CUBIC MACHINERY: Will have a CNC secondary machine set with auto loading
SUPERIOR INDUCTION: Will feature solid state induction heaters and chillers
STAR METAL PRODUCTS: Will show tooling, transfer fingers and much more
LOOMIS PUNCH TOOLING: Manufacturer of Torx/Torx Plus, and supplier of Hex pins/inserts & Recess punches. We make all our own tools and press our own blanks. Specials in a few weeks
NATIONAL HEADER DIE: Complete carbide & steel ISO tool company with 3-4 week lead times
ARMOR COATED TECHNOLOGIES: PVD surface treatment of (5) different coatings to enhance tool life
HELFER TOOL: Carbide and high speed roller tooling, carbide punches, carbide and high speed steel cutting tools
YMW TAPS, USA: Specializing in hard to machine materials for aerospace applications. Specially designed taps for A286, 300 series stainless steel Inconel, waspaloy, aluminum and titanium
ALLIED MACHINE REBUILDERS: Upgrading and rebuilding of all types of fastener equipment. Leader in rebuilding and upgrading machines to be run with heat
IMPAX-SK PROCESS MONITORS: The most advanced process monitors available for manufacturing applications.

Food and refreshments all day


VivienRMG was very pleased recently to welcome and host a young French engineering student from (Université de Bourgogne) University of Burgundy, sponsored by LISI-Automotive. When Vivien arrived February 9th, it was his first visit to the United States. He remained with us until early April when his 8 week internship with RMG came to a close.

During his work term Vivien was positioned in our engineering department and contributed to numerous RMG projects. The main objective of his visit was to experience an American technical environment and to become more familiar with American English, especially the language and jargon used in technical conversations.

Notable among his activities was a weeklong visit to National Machinery in Tiffin Ohio, to participate in the set-up and system checkout of an RMG AutoMatch Uncoiler matched with a National cold-forming machine and destined for a LISI-Automotive facility in France. Vivien returned to RMG with a new understanding of a complete heading line and a desire to introduce improvements unique to that system.

Although most of Vivien’s time was spent on daily tasks within RMG, while in the area he was able to squeeze in a few sights and experiences exclusive to the region. Most significantly he visited Chicago, driving and making his way to and around Chicago on the infamous high speed Tollways and busy metro streets, to take in the many unique landmarks, attractions and shopping opportunities.

While the primary purpose of Vivien’s short internship with RMG was to experience America and improve his English (American style) we at RMG benefited from his visit by learning a tiny bit more about the French and European cultures.


Introducing the RMG Model 200 MicroDrawer

Customers have been asking for a modern rendition of the old 12” capstan wire drawer offered by RMG and FE back in the 70’s and 80’s. These machines were scaled down versions of the venerable 20” capstan wire drawer that was so common in the fastener factories of that era. Rather than simply scale down today’s inline machine, which would result in a large expensive machine with a tiny capstan, RMG choose to start with a blank screen and design a machine to specifically meet the needs and desires of today’s small wire users.

This new small inline wire drawer incorporates many novel features and innovations to make the drawing of small diameter steel and other wire materials straightforward and convenient. And being an RMG designed machine, it is robust, uncomplicated and designed to efficiently operate continuously for many years with minimal maintenance. We’ve packed 640 pounds of performance and power into a tiny 24” by 30” footprint. It may be small but it is no light weight.

Introduced and sold beginning in 2012, the market response has been encouraging. Many are going to non-traditional users and industries; development labs, custom wire suppliers, aerospace, communications, etc. for use with steel, silver and exotic wire materials. For more feature and application information look at the Model 200

RMG Announces a Portable Pull Pointer

Wire pointing is a necessary process in wire drawing. Companies that have a large stable of wire drawing machines and those that draw many different materials and sizes of wire have found that a dedicated wire pointing device is often more convenient and quicker than using the drawing machine mounted pointer box. RMG and FE have produced several models and types of wire pointing machines over the years.

In 2012 RMG answered the requests of our customer base by designing and producing a modern wire pointing machine, the OLPP-10, specifically for 0.020” to 0.625” diameter steel wire. The OLPP-10 generates a 10,000 pound pull force and can safely and conveniently create an 8” section of pointed wire in less than a minute. Coils and lengths of wire can be pointed and prepared without a drawer to significantly shorten the set up and wire change over time.

The RMG OLPP uses the common RA tooling of the RMG/FE drawer mounted pointer box which means existing tooling is still useable.


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Osborne Technical Group sold to Angor Effective March 01, 2011 Rockford Manufacturing Group transferred ownership of the assets of Osborne Technical Group (OTG) to Angor Material Handling Incorporated. All future machine quotes, orders and spare part requirements will be satisfied by Angor Incorporated. The full transition of the sale will take some time and RMG will provide full support and assistance to Angor during this period to make the transfer as seamless as possible for our OTG customers.

We feel the sale of OTG to Angor Incorporated was in the best interest of our OTG customers and that they will be well served by Angor Inc. in the years to come. Over the past two decades, Angor, Inc. of Johnson City, Tennessee, has been providing custom-designed conveyors to customers throughout the United States and Canada. Angor serves many industries including: fastener manufacturing, scrap handling, stamping, and metal working. So whether you are conveying parts or handling scrap, Angor’s technical background and experience in the industry can provide your company with the best conveyor for your application.

Please use the contact information below:
Angor Material Handling
2217 Eddie Williams Road
Johnson City, TN 37601
Phone: 800-510-9696

If you have any questions please contact Kirk Prosser of RMG.

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Introducing the AUTOMATCH Prefeeder Uncoiler (1.2 MB)

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Service Bulletins

Lewis SV16, 3SV8, 4SV8 Lubrication - Jan 2003 (.1MB)
Rockford Manufacturing Group Lewis Machine Fastener Engineers

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