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In Line Descalers

Mechanically Descaled in-line wire processing of green rod is the definition of Lean Manufacturing. Many of our customers have significantly reduced costs and inventory by utilizing our descaling equipment. Rockford Manufacturing Group can supply completely integrated systems to transform raw mill, green or hot-rolled rod all into descaled, drawn, straightened and cut bars. The removed scale dust is designated inert and not considered an environmental hazard. These systems require no external electrical power source and have complete electrical interlocks between each component of the system

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The RMG Mechanical Descaler, available in three frame sizes

MD10 Mounted on Model 67 Wire Drawer

The MD-10 for wire diameter up to 0.406” (10 mm) rod, the MD-14 for up to 0.562” (14mm) rod, and the massive, hydraulic Auto Set Up MD-19 for up to 0.750” (19mm) rod.  A mechanical descaler is a simple, effective and practical system for breaking and removing mill scale.

RMG Model MD19

These robust machines are designed for years of trouble free operation and use carbide wear surfaces on the rollers and husky sealed bearing assemblies to ensure the longest possible life. Available in either right-to-left or left-to-right material flow the RMG Descaler can be provided as a free standing unit or for mounting with/on an appropriately sized in line drawer.

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