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About RMG

Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG)

Since 1976 Rockford Manufacturing has been designing robust in line wire drawers and related equipment for the fastener industry.  Over the last three plus decades RMG product offerings have grown by organic expansion and acquisition and now offers and supports a complete and comprehensive line of wire and rod machinery for the fastener, wire products, wire production and construction industries.

RMG remains committed to finding cost effective machinery solutions for the wire process needs of our customers by building each machine or piece of equipment to order, specifically as the customer requires.

Our modern facility is located at the top of Illinois in South Beloit. We are conveniently located adjacent to East/West Interstate 90 and North/South Interstate 39, and can be reached in about one hour from either the Chicago O'Hare or Milwaukee Mitchell airports.(map and directions)

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Tours are always welcome. Arrange a time or just show up during normal working hours, our modern efficient shop is always tour ready.  We always have several machines ready for operation in our demonstration and application testing room.

History of RMG

The Rockford Manufacturing Group was originally established in 1976 to supply in-line wire drawers to the fastener industry for cold heading applications where the benefits of lower cost material, improved forming capability and increased tooling life using freshly drawn and calibrated material were greatly valued.

Rockford Manufacturing Group

In 1990 Frank Taylor purchased RMG after a successful career in manufacturing and fastener production and began to grow the business and expand the product lines.  In 1993 RMG acquired the G. C. Patterson line of straightening and cutting machines with their innovative single offset rotary arbor straightening and cutting technology. 

RMG began to supply the vast and varied wire products industries with systems of machines that were at the same time faster, easier to set up and adjust and cheaper to operate and maintain than the competition's.

With the addition of a Mechanical Descaler many customers realized even greater material cost reduction by utilizing the least refined steel material, mill hot rolled rod (or green rod) to manufacture certain products.

Fastener Engineers

RMG further advanced the designs of the straightening and cutting machines adding variable frequency drive control technology for the arbors and feed heads to yield even better straightening control and energy efficiency. Starting in 1998 RMG was issued a series of Patents resolving one of the most persistent problems with nearly all straighten and cut machines, cutting knife clutch failure and frequent replacement, by applying variable frequency drive technology to the cutter head thereby eliminating the need for a clutch.  This advanced "Clutchless" cutting technology separates RMG straighten and cutting machines from all competitors to this day.

In 2003 after years of being direct competitors RMG acquired the assets, property and designs of Lewis Machine (founded in 1911) and Fastener Engineers (founded in 1962).  RMG's quality, service, technology driven products and unflinching focus on customer needs had won out. 

Lewis Machine RMG engineers integrate the best of Lewis Machine, Fastener Engineers, G.C. Paterson and RMG products resulting in the comprehensive line of robust and innovative systems offered today.  First to go was the extremely durable but energy wasting hydrostatic hydraulic drive systems used in our in-line wire drawers replaced by new variable frequency AC drives which consume 40-50% less energy while performing the same functions with much less attention and regular maintenance.  

Customer service, quality and technical advancement still drive RMG.  With over 45 US and International Patents our designs are both leading edge and robust.   Bring us your wire and rod problems, your unique situations and your production wishes and we'll put our resources behind finding a perfect solution specifically for you.

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Contact us and we will help you to reduce your operating cost, increase your production output and improve your quality by designing and building a machine or production system to specifically meet your unique operational needs.